Why Sharing A Meal Should Be Your Next Team Building Exercise

Families are not the only groups that benefit from sitting down together for a shared meal. Work teams can also reap large rewards from the simple act of eating together. Next time your team is in need of a tune up, skip the obstacle course and send out for catering.

Brain Break

Taking time away from screens and documents gives the brain a much needed break. Some of the best ideas can arise out of casual conversation during this more relaxed mental state. Laughter and conversation are the perfect antidote to the chronic anxiety that comes from being ‘plugged in.’

Build Community & Form Bonds

Eating meals together builds relationships and creates greater cooperation. Bringing different departments together to share a meal leads to better communication on projects. Teams can learn a lot from each other during casual conversations and project members stay better informed. Meal sharing can also play an important part in mediation and dispute resolution. It also encourages chronic desk eaters to take a break and get to know their colleagues.

Better Overall Performance

Employees perform better when properly nourished and a weekly team meal allows employers to help make that happen. Desk eating encourages greater calorie consumption, contributing to unhealthy weight gain and lower energy levels. A bit of socializing also leads to overall better health, fewer absences and greater overall job satisfaction. People who have friends at work tend to be more engaged.

These benefits are just the tip of the iceberg of what can be gained by the simple act of springing for a sit down meal - breakfast, lunch, dinner or even just snacks. Meal sharing is an ancient rite of human relationship building and the results for your work team can be unexpected and revolutionary.

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