The latest Simpsons episode on screen addiction

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The Simpson family is watching “Marketing a Murder” on TV. When Maggie Simpson tries to get their attention but they don't understand her, Lisa Simpson switches to Baby Ein-sign, a show teaching babies sign language.

Maggie was trying to tell them that Hans Moleman was stuck under a fallen tree in their yard, but they don't notice. In the morning, they keep watching the show while Hans is taken into an ambulance.

The show is ending due to government stopping funding the show, and Maggie didn't learn to use the sign language, Marge Simpson gets frustrated when she doesn't stop her giving Maggie more Cheerios, while Bart Simpson tricks her into losing on poker.

Marge stops Bart from watching Halfmonth on his laptop in front of Maggie while she shows that she learned how to sign. Afterwards, the family is playing on their devices, ignoring Maggie's development, so Marge stops them and limits their time on the devices to half an hour a week for everyone.

When they cheat on them by having Raphael reverting their screentime, he puts the devices away entirely. Bored at work, Homer Simpson becomes an expert in Jumble, Marge sees how it affects the lives of Patty and Selma, Bart starts to use his imagination when he recovers a rocket from the school's roof, involving Jimbo Jones and Dolph Starbeam too, and Lisa rediscovers the joy of finding books manually.

Marge can't find recipes on his books or getting help from Risotto, so when the family returns home they find her in her closet with phone and laptop, finding out she's the addicted one, but she signs all in the Screen Addiction Rehab Center, though she's the only one with a real addiction to it.

The next day, they arrive at the center finding out it’s a paradise. The owner Dr. Lund shows them the various activities. They start healing, but they can't hold for long, and find out the workers all use computers and devices and are evil, sending spam mails after stealing the patient's accounts. They manage to stealthily escape and get Dr. Lund arrested for his scams.

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