Switch off and Talk from the student perspective

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

By Nikunj M.

In today’s world, we can not imagine our lives without technology. It has become a necessary thing for humanity. There are lots of inventions we consider as technology; the phone is one with the greatest impact. In the last few years, traditional alarms, watches, calculators have been replaced by mobile phones. The mobile phone is considered one of the great inventions of the modern era. Statistically there are more phones than humans on the earth right now. The average person spends over three hours on the phone each day. While smartphones are now an essential part of our day to day lives, people are becoming addicted. Experts say that an average person unlocks their phone 51 times a day on average, which could be considered addictive behaviour. There are now psychological disorders related to mobile phones. For example, Nomophobia is a fear of being without a mobile phone. There are several organizations encouraging people to avoid the over usage of electronic items such as mobile phones and laptops. “Switch off and talk” is one such initiative sponsored by Mambella’s Italian kitchen in Waterloo, Ontario.

Switch Off and Talk.

The idea of this campaign is to encourage people to switch off their devices and start talking with their friends and family. The goal for this campaign is to help people to avoid using their phones at unnecessary places like restaurants or while surrounded by other people.

Who can be part of the campaign?

A large percentage of the smart phone users are “generation z” and “millennials”. Millennials are defined as those between the ages of 24 and 39, and generation z or those both in the mid 1990s to early 2000s. Switch Off and Talk is a great initiative from a student’s perspective. A student is using technology for study and his personal use. Most of the gadget addicted people are generation z and millennials. As a result, they suffer from anxiety, stress, vision problems, insomnia and many more disorders directly related to the over usage of the digital screens in the form of mobile phones, laptops, e-readers etc.

How does Switch Off and Talk help?

As we know, there are many psychological as well as physical problems one can face from the over usage of digital devices. The campaign is focused on engaging with people and sharing thoughts verbally. This helps in fighting stress as well as encouraging the sharing of thoughts that will be good for increasing knowledge. Moreover, research says that distracted eating may disturb your digestive system. Eating distractions can happen if one uses a mobile phone or plays video games while eating. We can not completely avoid the use of technology, but changing our digital habits can promote a healthy lifestyle that is physically and mentally healthy.

There are two sides to everything in that technology can be both good and bad. It is essential for day to day life, but the over usage of it is creating challenges for people. Switch off and Talk is helping with this issue. We need to support such initiatives work around us to create a better society.

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