Switch Off and Talk

By Navneet K.

With every new technology, there are advantages and disadvantages. Smartphones is the most socially impactful invention of modern times. With its benefits like a convenient way to communicate with people over vast distances, there are some drawbacks too which are make human life more stressful and unhealthy. No doubt everyone needs laptops and cellphones to gain knowledge but using them for long periods of time affects their energy and enthusiasm. Many groups or organizations are working on how to encourage people to enjoy their lives at least for a short period in a day without devices. Our campaign “Switch off and Talk” sponsored by “Mambella’s Italian Kitchen” is based on this. We strive to motivate students, families, kids, and couples to live a healthier life by reducing the use of their smartphones and laptops while enjoying meals together.

Schools, colleges, universities, and workplaces require the use of smartphones and laptops which are good to enable us to work effectively, but using these devices while eating and studying has negative health effects. Mambella’s Italian Kitchen came up with the idea of the “Switch Off and Talk” campaign make people realize that they can survive without their phones during meal times. Mambella’s is giving discounts and T-shirts to participants who will visit Mambella’s Italian Kitchen store to participate in our campaign.

How the campaign works

Mambella’s Italian Kitchen is targeting generation z and millennials, which includes students who are constantly using smartphones. The will provide baskets for customers to place their cellphones or other devices in it while eating. After they survive without their devices, they will receive discounts on meals and complimentary T-shirts. This challenge will promote healthy eating and will increase energy levels to more effectively work, especially helping students with stress. It is a great opportunity to engage with us and realize how to feel healthy and fresh.

We know that without using laptops and cellphones we cannot survive due to being necessities. These devices are essential for education. Technology keeps people connected with their families while they are away from home. In case of an emergency cell phones are essential communication devices. On the other side, there are some shortcomings to these devices. From the student perspective, we know there are negative effects in using cellphones for long periods of time. It causes physical as well as a mental disease.

Smartphones are one of the greatest inventions in history, but using them for a long time can has serious ramifications. Our campaign stresses this message and engaging in Switch Off and Talk will help us all to eat, live and work healthier.

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