15 Reasons to Switch Off Electronics and Talk with Your Kids at Meals

Children that have conversations with adults during meals are more confident speaking in front of other people as well.

It provides an opportunity to model good table manners and healthy food choices. Your child is more likely to try new foods if you are eating them too.

People of all ages who eat together are more likely to have a healthy body weight and more nutritious diet.

Adolescents are less likely to engage in marginal or risky behaviours if they participate in frequent family dinners. Less teenage pregnancy. Less drug use.

Families that eat together regularly share better communication which provides more opportunities for parental guidance. Victims of cyberbullying recover faster if they share meals with their families.

Food traditions can be taught and passed on by making and eating meals together. Children like to eat food they’ve helped prepare and it teaches them a valuable life skill.

Mealtime conversation about the day’s events can teach children how to deal with situations they encounter outside the home.

It will decrease your chances of depression as well as your child’s since people who eat with others often show overall better mental health than those who eat alone.

Eating together creates a sense of shared identity and is one of the earliest ways humans formed communities. Families that eat together experience stronger bonds.

Your child’s vocabulary will grow faster through regular conversation.

Sharing meals is less expensive and more environmentally friendly than preparing individually portioned meals, each with a separate draw on resources like electricity and water.

Your children will do better academically.

Less screen time. Children who often eat with family generally report fewer hours in front of screens than those who often eat alone.

Better vision. Healthier food choices and less screen time equals less eye strain for all ages.

Eating meals together can turn into a closer relationship with your child into adulthood which benefits you in turn when they begin to share their meals with you.

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